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It has been nearly two years since our country made one of the most momentous decisions in British history, the decision to take back control of our country’s future by voting to leave the European Union. The bravery and courage that Britons showed by doing so, will be marked in our history as one of the most admirable decisions the British people have made.


UK Unity delivering our message to the people of Newcastle.

That is why UK Unity will stand by the ordinary, hard-working people around Britain who voted for an exciting, bold and brighter country outside the restraints of the European Union. UK Unity will continue to be here to stand up for our decision and to be your voice as the establishment put up a fight to make certain we do not leave the EU.

There are many within the British and global establishment who would like to ignore the democratic result, they are currently doing what they can to ensure Britain remains within Europe. To name a few, Tony Blair, Gina Miller and George Soros are all actively campaigning and funding the fight to revert our withdrawal from the European Union. UK Unity has begun to establish a grass-roots resistance against the well funded elite, our role as a campaign is to be the voice of the ordinary people who voted leave. We have created the foundations to start a fight back, however, it is only with the support from people like you; that will enable us to continue this important campaign to ensure we leave the European Union.

Since UK Unity launched in December last year, we have grown from strength to strength with over 9,500 supporters. The social media campaign has taken careful planning and articulation, it has been executed well and we have managed to reach millions of ordinary people around Britain. The fundamentals behind our social media are expressing what our supporters think and believe in, we have a principled stance that we do not tell people what to think as we are simply the voice of our valued supporters. Therefore, UK Unity’s campaign philosophy is to be your voice, while a multi-million-pound campaign, such as Open Britain wastes millions of pounds to tell people like you, what to do and what to think on behalf of the global elite and their bank accounts. It is important that our decisions are not simply reversed because it doesn’t work for a select few, that is why UK Unity is continuing the fight to ensure your voice is heard.

27544620_2005145983085034_2251938901002248095_n.pngThe global elite wants to revert our decision to leave the EU, we say get stuffed!

This brings us to the next part of UK Unity, supporters told us that they were frustrated and angry with the British media and their biased agenda against Brexit. We listened to those concerns and established a news section to our campaign, with over 300 articles published in two months we are striving to offer an alternative news source for our supporters. The response to the articles has been incredible, as we offer news that our supporters truly want to read, it has enabled us to continue to create a grass-roots community and loyal readership. We can’t trust the mainstream media, backed by those who want us to remain in the EU to deliver the fair and impartial news we require. That is why UK Unity has made great steps to create a quality news section for our supporters and for those who share our aims.

UK Unity can only continue to be your voice if it is helped financially by ordinary hard-working people. That is why we are launching a membership scheme, where you can join UK Unity as a member and continue to allow us to be your voice with a small monthly or annual financial contribution. As a member of UK Unity, you will enable us to continue our work to be your voice, with a viral social media presence, leafleting sessions, a dedicated news section and continuing the hard work to ensure we leave the European Union fully. As a member you will receive a range of personalised items and benefits, therefore, please feel free to contact us if you would like further information.

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