William Hague says we must pay even MORE Foreign Aid

With the current argument raging on about Oxfam and our massive funding shortfalls in the NHS and Armed Forces former Conservative Leader William Hague has rushed to the defence of the Foreign Aid budget declaring any cuts to it would be a massive blunder and we should continue giving the same GDP amount every year which will continue to rise.

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Hague who initially started out in his career as a staunch Euro-sceptic and was an abject failure during his time as Leader of the Tories has become an increasingly Liberal and Globalist thinker backing a remain vote in 2016. He is also well known as receiving huge sums of money as a journalist and also adviser to big business and the banking system. 

Hague said: "a reduction in aid would be a strategic blunder, ultimately damaging our own national interest and our ability to deal with one of the biggest problems heading our way." 

Surprisingly he also then went on to defend Oxfam who he insisted should still receive their full UK government grant of £32 million despite being engulfed in scandal: "The case for the type of work done by Oxfam is too strong to allow it to be undermined by bad behaviour and inadequate standards of disclosure or investigation".

Over £13 billion a year is currently sent abroad from the UK to countries such as India and Brazil. Grassroots Tory favourite Jacob Rees- Mogg recently delivered a petition to Downing Street backed by the Daily Express demanding action against frivolous spending.

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