Why Yellow Vest protests MUST be peaceful!

Firstly if you have signed or just signed our petition against illegal immigration then thanks very much! We will be submitting this to the Home Secretary in the next couple of weeks. Our Spokesperson David Clews put out an email this morning discussing the furore over Anna Soubry & Owen Jones. Just to let you know that David has had over 500 replies and as much as he would like to he just physically can't respond to all of them. He has said a huge thanks to everyone for their input and your ideas for moving forward.

As an organisation we have made the decision that at all of our demonstrations organised by UK Unity we will not tolerate any violence, harassment, extreme bad language or overt vulgarity. Now we know that is not what everyone will want to hear but we firmly believe that noisy but peaceful Yellow Vest protests are the way forward. Simple acts of solidarity and strength live forever.... for example who can ever forget the image of the peaceful protestor standing in front of the tanks at Tiananmen Square?

Eventually we will get our chance to make our statement at the ballot box and nothing hurts a politician more than them losing their seat. We pray and hope that good people will once again come to the aid of our great nation in it's time of need. We have had many difficult times before and this is once more a very Dark Hour.

We are however still disgusted and outraged at the constructed drama created by the mainstream media and the maelstrom surrounding yesterday's events outside Parliament. Be in no doubt that we are operating against sinister and co-ordinated forces who will stop at nothing to keep us shackled to the undemocratic and globalist EU. We must remain smart and clever in the way we respond against these deniers of democracy.

Just there tonight parliament voted to halt No Deal preparations in another devastating defeat for Theresa May, how much longer can this farce continue? Brendan O'Neill of Spiked Magazine said earlier that we do not have a seat in Parliament or the Lords or money, all the people have is the vote- to see the vote being taken away from the people is a national disgrace.

So moving forward we have a huge favour to ask, if you agree with our stance and like and appreciate the work that we do with both UK Unity & Unity News then we would like to start planning our campaign over the coming months. You can help with a donation that can be made by Clicking Here Now!

Another way of helping is that our news site Unity News has an online shop and we now have quality flag branded vests available with many different varieties of sizes and UK flags. You can purchase by Clicking Here Now!

If you are not in a position to help financially or have helped before then please don't put yourself under any pressure. Interacting with us on social media and spreading the word is also a huge help to our shared aims.

As ever if you have any questions, thoughts or feedback then please let us know and we will do our best to respond.

Kind Regards,

The team at UK Unity & Unity News


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