UK Unity - A vibrant and dynamic grassroots movement!

The response to UK Unity so far has been incredible, with over 60,000 registered supporters and counting, incredible viral images on social media and over 6,000,000 unique visitors to our websites. The campaign was established in December 2017 out of the worry that the democratic decision to Leave the EU would not be respected by our politicians and the remain led establishment. We need a genuine mass grassroots movement to ensure we hold the politicians and the biased media to account. 

Britain needs to change, this is only possible if we leave the European Union, so that we have the full opportunity to make our own decisions and choices as a country. Once this is done we will move to the next stage of our campaign to renew and reinvigorate Britain. We aim to having a thriving nationwide campaign with hundreds of thousands of supporters influencing the UK for the better. 

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise run by a small hardworking team, no one receives any salaries and only campaign expenses are covered. We are a non-discriminatory organisation open to all. UK Unity is not affiliated with or funded by any political party or movement, we represent only the interests of our supporters and the honest hard working people of the UK. We want to have 250,000 registered supporters across the UK helping to shape a better future for the United Kingdom. Our membership scheme is now launched and is for those who want to do more and be part of a truly grassroots movement for change in the UK we so desperately need.

For any press enquiries or further information please email us directly on or call us on 0161 509 2145

UK Unity Ltd, Third Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH. Company No: 11011747

Disclaimer- UK Unity LTD is not responsible for the actions, conduct or comments of any of its supporters and/or members. Membership and Support are at the full discretion of the Directors of UK Unity LTD. We strive to comply fully with GDPR regulations. We will not share your details with any 3rd parties outwith the Unity Movement.

We are an organisation open to everyone.