What will happen to Theresa May?

What an incredible few days it has been. Thanks to all our members, donors & online shoppers we were down in London for the Great Betrayal March on Sunday as well as organising our own demo yesterday on what was meant to be the day of the vote. A huge well done to all who came along and it was great to have young, old and from all walks of life!

Did you know what the Government spent well in excess of £100,000 of your money promoting the deal they never even voted on?!

From a personal perspective going into the Westminster bubble is like going into enemy territory. We did have some fun calling out Sky News Fake News whilst they were Live on air and both Kay Burley and Adam Boulton were none to happy!


Our videos, livestreams & feeds across the last few days were viewed by hundreds of thousands of people and our Unity Campaign aims remain two fold. Firstly, to campaign against our Brexit Sell-Out through UK Unity and build a better Britain. Secondly, to inform and speak to people directly without the corporate media bias through Unity News Network.

I am in doubt this country needs some form of political revolution, we cannot continue like this. As things stand it looks more and more likely May will cling onto power. The only thing I can say is what an absolute farce!

Any questions, thoughts or feedback then as ever please let me know.

Kind Regards,

David Clews


UK Unity


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