What this pub did to our Heroes is a DISGRACE!

A pub restaurant called the Flotterstone Inn, near Penicuik in Edinburgh is facing a backlash after a soldier helping snowbound motorists claimed he was charged 50p to go to the toilet. Troops were brought in to help stranded travellers on the A702, a major route linking Edinburgh with the M74. See Facebook posts below:

A tweet from John McInally Jnr who sparked the Facebook backlash by revealing that soldiers were charged 50p to use the toilet

Solider Mr Craven said that he was charged to use the toilet after helping motorists stranded in the snow

After braving incredibly bad ice cold conditions for four hours our boys stopped off and asked if they could use the bathrooms. After the soldier's post on Facebook the restaurant chef Andrew Campbell replied: "Look mate I'm the chef at the Flotterstone Inn and all I can do is just apologise. Saw what you and your mate done. I seen you outside with the bus and helping with traffic in the bad conditions."

The owner of the Restaurant has since claimed: "They came in and we said for a joke, Oh you'll have to pay as well. One of my staff knows them and there was no malice at all. They're coming up for a meal, just for they're help and being out for four hours. Some of the comments are just terrible. I don't have social media but my secretary was disgusted by them."

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