What this MONSTER did to a nurse is pure EVIL!

Joanne Rand died from blood poisoning 11 days after a bottle of industrial strength sulphuric acid was splashed on her. The 47-year-old was sitting on a bench in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, when Xeneral Webster aged 19 tried to steal another man’s bike. He threatened him with the bottle, but the man kicked it away, spilling the contents all over Joanne in June last year.

INS News Agency Ltd 11/04/2018 A nurse died when a bottle of acid taken to intimidate a rival was kicked away and spilled on her arm, hair and feet as sat on a bench to roll a cigarette. Joanne Rand (Picture), 47, had just been to visit grave of daughter and had gone to town for some shopping when she was covered in acid. She ran to a KFC for water and to called ambulance while defendant Xeneral Webster, 19, rode off on a stolen bike, jury was told. She died in hospital 11 days later when her chemical burns became infected. Jury also heard how defendant had been a victim of acid attack himself and denies Joanne Rand's murder in High Wycombe in June last year. See copy INSacid

She ran screaming into a fast food restaurant to douse herself in water and was then rushed to hospital. Tragically, Joanne died 11 days later in a specialist burns unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, after chemical burns became infected, causing multiple organ failure from sepsis. But it wasn’t before the ‘much loved mother, sister and partner’ helped the police to identify Webster, who was arrested on June 12 just two days before Joanne died.

The Police said: "Webster showed a total disregard for the innocent members of the public who were present that day and his actions took a much loved mum, sister, and partner away from her many family and friends. Acid attacks are horrific. Their consequences devastate lives. I hope this case is a pertinent reminder to anyone considering carrying this dangerous substance that doing so can have very serious consequences."

The Prosecutor said: "The intended victim acted reasonably, in the circumstances, by deflecting the bottle away from himself. Webster was responsible for the death of Joanne and had he not planned to hurt the intended victim, Joanne would still be alive. The consequences of this incident highlight the significant danger weapons, drugs, and violence have on lives."

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