WHAT A CHEEK- Osborne says he was right, Brexit WILL be an economic disaster!

Former Chancellor George Osborne has said the leaked papers from Whitehall prove that "Project Fear" was right and that Brexit will be a disaster to the UK economy.

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Brexit supporters were quick to remind him that nearly all of his and the treasuries economic opinion pieces on leaving the EU have proven to be totally incorrect and that he should get on with his job of editing a London newspaper and his many other lucrative well paid city roles.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Osborne said "We now face a series of choices about the kind of Brexit we want and we have a much clearer idea of the consequences. We should look clearly at the costs and benefits of, for example, leaving the customs union and doing less trade with Europe versus what we might gain from doing a trade deal with America."

Even his former old Etonian chum, the former Prime Minister David Cameron, admitted in a leaked video that Brexit has turned out to be not nearly as bad as the forecasts from supposed economics experts.

It is apparent that Osborne is becoming increasingly bitter that he was on the losing side in the referendum and feels that by positioning himself as the anti-Brexit candidate he may one day return to a senior political role.

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