We Are British! - Get Us Out of Here!


Theresa May has made clear she is willing to "lay down extra money to meet the EU’s €60bn divorce bill demands if the bloc’s leaders can guarantee the widening of talks to trade and the terms of a transition period. " - The Guardian 24/11/17

We at Unity say that enough is enough... Get us out of the EU now! On the 23rd of June 2016 the overwhelming majority of people across the UK voted to leave the EU and all of its institutions.

Why over 18 months later are we still hanging around wanting to pay them more money? Theresa May appears to be getting more and more side-tracked by hostile remainers  and the elitist media while the Eurocrats like Juncker, Tusk and Barnier continue to put the best interests of Europe at heart.

At the rate we are going we will still be part of Europe in 2022 and if we keep surrendering like we are doing maybe even longer and with even less cash!

Our Spokesperson David says: "The people of this country took a bold and decisive stance against the failing and undemocratic EU. We should have submitted Article 50 on June the 24th and have left straight away. We need to exit the EU and all its institutions now while we still can or be dragged even further down. Once more, we must question where the loyalties of these politicians lie, Europe or Britain. We say walk away now and give them NOTHING!"

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