URGENT APPEAL- Do you want a FULL WTO Brexit?

UK Unity is organising a series of demonstrations, street stalls, leafletting events and much more in the lead up to the 29th of March. This will start with a gathering of proud brexiteers outside Parliament on Wednesday the 27th of February from 14:00 till late.

We have distributed tens of thousands of leaflets to volunteers across the UK who are delivering them to friends and neighbours demanding that we unite for a full and proper WTO Brexit. We have also given posters to street teams so far in Hull, Barnet and Gloucester with more posters being printed with the below message:

This will all lead up to the 23rd of March, the weekend before Brexit. George Soros funded remainers are expected to be out in huge numbers so we are supporting people getting out in every town and city from our side and we want to give them as many posters and banners as possible. 

If we don't leave the EU then mass immigration will continue at pace, crime will continue to rise, we will neglect our public services and become a third world country.

We receive no public or government money, our largest single donation this year was £500. We are not in the pockets of rich businessmen or establishment figures who will make us tone down our message or suit corporate interests. We rely on people chipping in with what they can and we genuinely don't like asking for money but this is so important. Every penny we receive goes to direct campaigning, we have no hidden or political agenda. We want to get a proper Brexit then rebuild Britain like the majority of people across our great land.

We are desperately short of funds so if you are in a position to help we really need it:

By CLICKING HERE NOW donate securely and safely through a number of means (including anonymous donations).

By CLICKING HERE NOW from as little as £5 a month you can become a member.

We have HUNDREDS of these posters ready to go and on the 30th of March we want to display these with pride!

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