URGENT- All Supporters Brexit Update!

Dear Supporters,

Thanks to everyone who is a supporter and signed the petition against our Brexit betrayal. There are now 25,000 of us fighting back!

What were are witnessing, in my opinion, is not an overnight mess but a culmination of decades of misrule by the Political Establishment. Never before in my lifetime have I known such Political Amoebas and they are led admirably by Amoeba in Chief Theresa May. The decision to call a General Election in 2017, based on the selfish interests of the Tory Party, has left a mess that cannot be fixed. Likewise the legal challenge of Gina Miller, funded by foreign international Globalists, that resulted in Parliament getting a 'meaningful vote' will see any proper Brexit deal being blocked.

Regardless of anything else we are witnessing an attack on the very democracy that we all so cherish. The people of the United Kingdom voted to Leave the European Union, no ifs and no buts. For a sitting Prime Minister to say that there is an option of 'No Brexit at All' is a national outrage.

Jacob Rees Mogg seems a principled man and he has now submitted his letter calling for a leadership election and we are approaching the magic number of 48 letters. Then would come a leadership election but who is to say that a Brexiteer would win through? It also looks increasingly likely that Parliament would not vote for whatever deal they produced. There are many significant political commentators saying they feel so let down by The Tories that they would either vote for Corbyn or not vote at all to teach them a lesson.

In this febrile environment we are proud that as a movement we mobilised thousands of people onto the streets last weekend and currently we are watching all events with a keen interest. We feel that perhaps the next thing to come will be a General Election which may or may not produce a Government. We would like to pretend there is no chance of it happening but we would be lying if we said the risk of a second referendum hasn't rocketed.

If there is a General Election we would launch a targeted and brutal campaign against some of those we hold most responsible for this betrayal, they have to be taught a lesson at the ballot box as this is the only thing they will listen to. Lookout Anna Soubry!

To keep up to date with all our work we would ask that you ensure you are connected with us across our substantial social media portfolio.

Also if you want to join a genuine grassroots group that is fighting back you can do so from as little as a fiver a month and all funds go towards our campaign and you can CLICK HERE NOW TO DO SO

Any questions, thoughts or feedback then please let us know.

Kind Regards,

David & all the Unity Team

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