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  • Remoaner VINCE CABLE says Trump not welcome in Britain!

    In a stunning rebuke which will see the leader of the free world quaking in his boots “Sir” Vince Cable has stated he and his party would have nothing to do with a state visit by the President.

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    Since the Coalition led by soon to be “Sir” Nick Clegg the Lib dems have been a party in absolute free fall. Standing on a platform of opposing Brexit and having a second EU referendum they have gone from 57 seats in 2010 to 12 now.

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  • published The Appeasement of Separatists Must End in Home 2017-11-16 20:13:21 +0000

    The Appeasement of Separatists Must End


    Ever since the start of devolution in 1999 politicians from all the main political parties have gone out of their way to try to appease the SNP by promises of more power. There has been a relentless power grab over the last 18 years which all too often has not only been allowed by pro UK parties but encouraged and celebrated by them.  From the Calman Commission to the Smith Commission, the constant assault on our UK Parliament has undermined the integrity of the United Kingdom and empowered the separatists.

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  • published We owe Europe nothing! in Home 2017-11-15 17:56:33 +0000

    We owe Europe nothing!


    The European Union persists on trying to suck out every penny they can get from our country, to keep their failing Union afloat as we leave and venture out into new opportunities, globally as a thriving nation.

    The United Kingdom has paid its due to Europe through two consecutive World Wars, standing alone in the face of Nazism while Europe collapsed, Britain stood alone – facing economic turmoil and bloodshed; all in the name of ensuring European freedom... 

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