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  • published Northern Ireland MP stands up for Britain in News 2018-02-08 19:36:37 +0000

    Northern Ireland MP stands up for Britain

    At Prime Ministers Questions Ian Paisley Junior MP launched a blistering attack on the Remainers within the UK cabinet and also the Brussels elite who seem intent on keeping Britain part of the failing EU. Parliament was mesmerised with this bruising encounter and he received numerous heckles from Remain supporting MP's.

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    The MP for North Antrim is the son of the famous orator Ian Paisley known for his uncompromising stance towards the EU and for maintaining British rule in Northern Ireland. The DUP in Northern Ireland are staunch supporters of leaving the EU and have been seen as one of the very few trustworthy allies for other Brexit supporters in parliament.

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  • published Outgoing leader of Sinn Fein praises Jeremy Corbyn in News 2018-02-08 15:09:39 +0000

    Outgoing leader of Sinn Fein praises Jeremy Corbyn

    Notorious "Politician" Gerry Adams, who is now stepping down as the Leader of Sinn Fein, has lavished praise on Jeremy Corbyn during an interview with Andrew Marr. Both Corbyn and the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell have come in for criticism due to their apparent support for Sinn Fein during "The Troubles".

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    Adams has always denied his involvement with the Provisional IRA and insisted he was never responsible for any violence either in Northern Ireland or on mainland Britain. Many have disagreed with this with former provisionals stating that he served on the IRA's Army Council for a number of years which co-ordinated military attacks against Great Britain.

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  • SHOCK: Brit who travelled to Syria to fight AGAINST ISIS faces terror charges!

    A UK citizen who fought with Kurdish forces against ISIS is to be charged with a terror offence, Scotland Yard said.


    James Matthews, 43, is to appear in court on February 14th of February to face a charge of attending a place used for terrorist training, under the Terrorism Act 2006, the Metropolitan Police said.

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  • SHOCK: First British people were BLACK claims DNA results

    The earliest British people were BLACK, with dark curly hair and had blue eyes, says new analysis of a 10,000-year-old Somerset skeleton. 

    The fascinating findings were discovered through genetic tests and facial reconstruction practices carried out for the first ever time on the skeleton of ‘Cheddar Man’ who passed away 10,000 years ago.

    The skeleton, found in Somerset's Cheddar Gorge, are the most ancient human skeleton ever uncovered in Britain.  Scientists said they surprised by the findings, bit illustrates how changes in the way we think about the human race changes all the time. 

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  • published International financier schemes to halt Brexit in News 2018-02-08 10:12:00 +0000

    International financier schemes to halt Brexit

    George Soros the man who is known as "Breaking the Bank of England" has donated £400,000 to the campaign Best for Britain in a move that has caused great concern and outrage amongst pro-Brexit politicians and the public alike.

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    Best for Britain is headed up by Blairite Lord Malloch Brown and boasts an advisory board filled with the cream of the British Establishment. It was founded by well known Remain campaigner Gina Miller and has taken significant sums of money from bankers and multinationals.

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  • Justin Trudeau demands women use 'peoplekind' instead of 'mankind' in STRANGE OUTBURST!

    Justin Trudeau has come under fire for interrupting a woman during a town hall speech to demand she use the term 'peoplekind' and not 'mankind.'
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    The women said to the Canadian PM: 'We came here today to ask you to also look into the policies that religious charitable organisations have in our legislation so that it can also be changed because maternal love is the love that's going to change the future of mankind.'

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  • RAF jets scrambled to intercept RUSSIAN BOMBERS heading to BRITAIN

    The RAFs quick reaction alert (QRA) aircraft beamed up to the skies to take on the two Tupolev TU-160 Blackjack Russian bombers as they headed to within less than 50 miles of the UK last month. 

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    Two of the United Kingdom's Eurofighter Typhoons escorted the Russian aircraft away from UK airspace.  The Ministry of Defence (MoD) stated; "at no point" did the Russian bombers enter British sovereign airspace, though are thought to be in a UK area of interest.

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  • published "World Hijab Day" Promoted by Foreign Office in News 2018-02-07 20:01:31 +0000

    World Hijab Day Promoted by Foreign Office

    After Freedom of Information requests and investigative journalism on a well known news site it has been revealed that on the 1st of February the Foreign and Commonwealth Office invited staff to an event to learn more about the hijab and "... the liberation, respect and security through wearing it".

    British Government departments have recently seen a significant increase in spending on events to improve "cultural awareness" and training on staff members to guard against any potential "racist" or "insensitive" remarks and actions. This comes at a time when other government branches face huge cuts to budgets and none more so than in the armed forces.

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  • Stephen Kinnock protests against First Past the Post voting system

    On the day that people across the UK celebrated 100 years of getting the vote one well known Labour MP decided to take a stand for a different reason and he has been widely mocked for his one day "Hunger Strike".

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    Kinnock decided to do this to protest against what he sees as the unfair voting system in this country known as First Past the Past. Some commentators were quick to observe that Kinnock is under pressure due to a boundary review in which his seat is set to disappear.

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  • REMAIN FANATICS set up new political party with the help of the FRENCH!

    Friends and associates of French President Emmanuel Macron have assisted in the establishment of a new political party called "Renew". Head of Communications Sandra Khadouri said bluntly at the launch "We need to reverse Brexit"

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    The aim is to follow the model of Macron who established the new party "En Marche" which gave him a springboard to then go on and win the France Presidency. Chris Coughlan, Oliver King and James Torrance are behind the party and are very well known within establishment Remain circles.

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  • Under Fire Hunt Orders review into Doctor being Struck Off

    The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has ordered a review into the decision by the General Medical Council (GMC) to strike off Hadiza Bawa-Garba last month. Bawa- Garba was a trainee paediatrician at the time when tragic errors led to the death of a six year old in Leicester Royal Infirmary.

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    The GMC initially suspended Bawa- Garba but after reviewing the case decided that she should be struck off. The GMC is the highly respected regulatory body for the medical profession and Hunt has ordered a review into how the GMC handles disciplinary issues against Doctors. 

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  • published Anna Soubry ready to quit over Rees Mogg & Boris in News 2018-02-07 09:02:03 +0000

    Anna Soubry ready to quit over Rees Mogg and Boris

    In an incredible interview Arch- Remain supporter Soubry has warned the Prime Minister that if she doesn't throw Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees Mogg out of the Tory Party she will quit and join a new "progressive" alliance of MP's in a new party.

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    In her blistering attack on Good Morning Britain, Soubry stated the Conservative Party that she joined is now unrecognisable and that it has been hijacked by extremist elements. She argued that the Tories need to become even more liberal and in touch with the metropolitan communities of the UK.

    Anna Soubry ready to quit

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  • Sharia law already happening up and down the UK, Government review finds

    In a smoking gun review into the implementation of Sharia law in the UK it has been exposed that the Government has no idea exactly how many Sharia Councils are operating up and down the country and that many Sharia laws are being implemented.

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    The report has been heavily criticised for its proposal that elements of Sharia Law should be implemented now into British law but it has been noticeable on the level of silence from woman's rights groups and also Gay rights groups.

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  • published Death threats sent to 80 year old by Remainiacs in News 2018-02-06 17:00:12 +0000

    Death threats sent to 80 year old by Remainiacs

    In a shocking twist of events a poisoned hate filled letter was sent to an 80 year old woman in the constituency of Brexit supporting MP Zac Goldsmith

    Mr Goldsmith has himself been on the receiving end of a number of sinister letters and cards with one at Christmas sent to him wishing that he has a "cancerous new year". Mr Goldsmith passed on the letter to the Metropolitan Police.


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  • published TRUMP: 'UK NHS IS BROKE AND DOES NOT WORK' in News 2018-02-06 16:23:58 +0000


    The president of the USA, Donald Trump, has speared into the debate on the UK's NHS by highlighting that it is underfunded and does not work. 

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    Trump was commenting towards the Democrats who are aiming for a universal type healthcare system, he said "thousands of people are marching" in the UK because the NHS is "going broke and not working".

    The NHS in the UK is currently under immense pressure.  The government spends less % of GDP on its health system than Germany and France, which is unacceptable. 

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  • Police in Sadiq Khan's London issued with new gear for Acid attacks used in WARZONES!

    London has now been universally regarded as a Global Capital for acid attacks and in a shocking turn of events Police are now being issued with equipment more commonly used on the battlefields to help out victims

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    The "bottleshower" was created by British designer Tim Jeffrey (pictured above) and has been mostly used in the middle east and refugee camps to help treat acid attack victims by turning the bottle into a shower-head that can be used for minutes rather than just pouring out as usual.

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  • Dream Team set to take over if May doesn't deliver on Brexit

    Reports have surfaced over the weekend that a "Brexit Dream Team" is being lined up to replace Theresa May if she doesn't deliver on Britain fully leaving both the Customs Union and the Single Market.

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    The cabinet appears to be in turmoil over the issue of the customs union with remainers such as Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond pushing for continued membership of the customs union and Brexit causing the least possible disruption possible. Without leaving the customs union the UK would not be able to strike free trade deals with other nations around the global.

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  • Fury as Judge hands out lenient sentences to sadistic rapists



    Two teenagers from Sheffield have been convicted for raping a woman in her house, behind a local mosque and also in an alleyway. During this team she was threatened by a gun and subjected to horrific attacks too sickening to detail.


    Aquib Ahmed pictured above and another 16 year old whose name we are not able to disclose broke into the home of a house looking for drugs but when they discovered none there they decided to return 3 days later to abduct the lady and to then perpetrate the attacks.

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  • published OUTRAGE- Civil Servants call Brexiteers NAZIS! in News 2018-02-05 17:27:48 +0000

    OUTRAGE- Civil Servants call Brexiteers NAZIS!

    Some of Britain's top former civil servants have launched incredible attacks on those leading the charge for Brexit by saying their scrutiny of civil servants is like that of the Nazi Party and they were also described by one as "Snake Oil Salesmen".

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    Andrew Turnbull (pictured above) launched a blistering attack on pro-Brexit politicians such as Jacob Rees Mogg and Liam Fox  by saying that they were perpetrating a myth against civil servants over Brexit the same way Nazi's tried to scapegoat Jewish people after World War 1.

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  • MP's WARN: CUTTING thousands of Royal Marines would leave UK at RISK

    Axing thousands of Royal Marines and the vital ships Royal Marines use to carry out strategic defence landings would majorly undermine UK security, MPs have warned.

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    A government review began last year and said it was eager to axe up to 2,000 marines and the Royal Navy's two specialist landing ships.

    A Commons Defence Select Committee report said cuts would be "militarily illiterate".

    The UK armed forces have come under many cuts since the Tories came into government back in 2010.  Many have said it is a disgrace the way the current Government have systemically cut our armed forces. 

    The people of this country expect the government to do what it is suppose to do; protect its citizens, this is seriously being undermined by many of the cuts outlined in a proposal by the government say MP's. 

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