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  • published Stop Shamima Begum returning to the UK 2020-07-17 10:44:10 +0100

    SIGN THE PETITION-Stop Shamima Begum returning to the UK


    Once again Human Rights Lawyers and Liberal Judges are putting the safety of the British people at risk. Shamima Begum freely left this country to join one of the most vicious and barbaric regimes in human history. She has shown NO REMORSE over her actions and said she saw no issues with severed heads in bins. She cannot be allowed back into the UK under ANY circumstances! Sign the petition and share with family and friends.

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  • published Petition re statues 2020-06-11 19:48:13 +0100

    Petition: Defend our statues and history!


    The silent majority of this country are absolutely appalled about what is going on in the UK. Whilst we all understand that history is not without its controversies but we cannot allow the mob to decide what stays and what goes. People are sick to their back teeth of this crazy political correctness that is actually making things WORSE. We demand the Government and Council's protect our statues, memorials and history are protected!

    Sign now and please share on social media and with family and friends.

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  • published PETITION-Scrap The BBC & Channel 4! 2019-11-23 11:06:09 +0000

    PETITION Scrap The BBC & Channel 4!


    The bias is getting worse and worse. Look at the way all the debates and question times are stuffed with liberals and remainers. Look at the way they are pushing Greta Thunberg everywhere. Look at the way they have gone after our veterans in the recent Panorama. We also now include Channel 4 in this after the despicable and humiliating way they handled the debate and their overall output of bias. No more public subsidies and no more support for these organisations!

    This Propaganda must STOP! Click below and sign and pass this on NOW!

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  • published BREAKING NEWS- The UK is going to WAR! in News 2018-04-12 16:38:40 +0100

    BREAKING NEWS- The UK is going to WAR!

    At a cabinet meeting today in Downing Street sources are saying Theresa May has defied the wishes of the people of the UK and also parliament by unilaterally committing UK armed forces to attack Syria led by Bashar Assad. The potential for danger and World War 3 to break out is imminent as both Russia and Iran are also involved in this extremely complicated civil war.

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    All of the main opposition parties and leaders have called for this vote to go before parliament but May has decided to press ahead regardless. Only a fifth of people supports missile strikes, with twice as many opposed. A YouGov survey put the proportion of supporters a fraction higher, at 22 per cent, and the same number opposed.

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  • Shock Government report on numbers of people unable to speak English in the UK

    The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has today published a long awaited report in integration within the UK. In a hard hitting assessment it has laid bare the massive challenges the UK faces with communities across the country now leading totally parallel lives resulting in significant tension within these local areas.

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    In this report the Government has admitted that around 770,000 people across the UK cannot speak English. The community with the highest percentages of those unable to speak English are women from predominately Asian backgrounds which makes up 60-70% of the statistics.


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  • As EU Juncker clings to job his latest remarks about the UK have caused OUTRAGE!

    After a long holiday the European Parliament is back again and unelected EU Commissioner Jean Claude Juncker has come out fighting. As we reported the other day Juncker is facing a slew of probes of his appointment of Martin Selmayr to a crucial EU position that has seen him faced with accusations of nepotism and corruption.

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    The UK will come to "regret" the decision to leave the EU, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has warned. Addressing the European Parliament, Mr Juncker was met with a mixture of cheers and boos as he noted the UK's departure was due on 29 March, 2019. In response to the heckling he said the time would come "when you will regret your decision!"

    Do you regret your decision to leave the EU, or do you agree it was a GREAT decision like we do?

    If you agree with us Click Here to sign up now!


  • Fire survivor spared Jail over MASSIVE Drugs Den found in burnt out Grenfell Tower!

    One of the survivors of the Grenfell tower has been caught running a substantial cannabis factory from his flat inside the tower block. Eamon Zada’s operation was uncovered when Police searched his burnt out home after he told them that over £4,000 had been stolen in a burglary. Zada had previously been sentenced to a 5 year custodial sentence in 2009 after being convicted of fraud.

    Image result for eamonn zada

    Prosecutor Katie Bryan stated that after Zada’s flat was raided police found they £1,000 in £50 notes hidden in the bedroom ceiling with cannabis in another room and in the kitchen freezer. Herbal cannabis was also uncovered along with mobile telephones, books about the cultivation of the drug were also found with other drug paraphenalia. She said 14 kgs of trimmed Cannabis was seized, along with growing equipment and gas canisters.

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  • published Guess who has been caught making stuff up?! in News 2018-03-07 08:25:40 +0000

    Guess who has been caught making stuff up?!

    To much fanfare Mayor Sadiq Khan Speaking in December launched the campaign to ensure people were not carrying knives across London. Mr Khan told City Hall the campaign backed by celebrity "influencers" who "have a large following from our young people who are most likely to be affected by knife crime".

    London's city hall has apologised for what it said was an 'honest mistake'.

    However it has since transpired that they had little or no real celebrity support and instead produced fake tweets supporting the campaign from famous actors such as John Boyega, who recently appeared in Star Wars: The Last Jedi as Finn along with musicians Lethal Bizzle and Jessie J.

    After it was revealed the celebrities had not been consulted about the campaign, the material was removed. The fake tweets were reportedly created by an advertising agency and were used throughout the campaign.

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  • BBC FAILS dramatically to hide their BIAS in their recent video

    The BBC has decided to take on Trump and Brexit in their latest biased video here.

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    Within the video it claims that Trump and Brexit are 'terrifying' and insists that it could lead to 'authoritarianism'. 

    The BBC are notorious now for their left-wing views, many of which people claim are against Brexit and Trump. 

    The BBC currently finds it difficult not to be biased, due to its left-wing inherent bias and sexual and cultural quotas that it puts on itself.  Most recently, insisting that it was hiring for black and mixed raced background only, with many saying it was underhand racism from the broadcaster.  

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