Top Surgeon says his Hospital is now like an AFGHAN WARZONE!

Dr Mark Griffiths is the lead surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust. He is world renowned for his excellent surgical skills and appeared on BBC Radio 4 Today. When describing his workload he said: “Some of my military colleagues have described their practice here as similar to being at Camp Bastion. We used to look after people in their twenties. Now people are often in their mid to late teens and children in school uniforms are being admitted under our care with knife and gun wounds.”

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As you may have guessed he is based in East London and he is describing what is going every day in his own hospital. He elaborated further by saying: "A young boy being stabbed five or six years ago would have been a horror story, now it’s normal. People expect to see people being killed on a daily basis. Members of the public who are not involved in gangs or violence let this pass without comment and you get the society you deserve if you ignore violence.”

In other developments Amber Rudd at the Home Office has said more censorship is needed on Social media. A spokesperson said: “Gangs often post videos online that seek to incite violence or glamorise criminality to influence young people. The instant nature of social media also means that plans develop rapidly and disputes can escalate very quickly.”

She failed however to mention the tough measures really required to bring the madness currently engulfing London under control....

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