Tony-toff Blair Will not stop us leaving the EU!


Tony Blair has been spending the last few years jetting around the world in private jets and staying at 5 star hotels. This is all paid for by his business work which is mostly done for third world dictators around the globe.

It is no surprise then, that he wishes to now also be a dictator and stop the people of Britain from exiting the failing EU and to overturn the wishes of the electorate.
He has said that the Labour Party should now seek to block Brexit by holding a second referendum and doing everything in its power to push back against taking us out of the EU.  Sign here if you want out the EU now. 
It was in traditional Labour heartlands that people overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU as a revolt against the metropolitan and globalist elites that Blair represents. He is a proven liar and like other bitter remainiacs shows psycopathic tendencies.
David our spokesperson says: "Tony Blair is in the back pockets of the Davos elites and the global bankers. He is unpopular with everyone and is yesterdays man. We call on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party to crush the Blairites in the Labour Party and help deliver a full clean Brexit that benefits everyone across the UK."

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