Tony Bliar Seeks to Block Brexit!


Tony Blair has confirmed that he is trying to overturn the will of the British people by attempting to block us from leaving the EU, thus ignoring over 17 million people of this country who have voted to leave the EU.

Tony Blair has lurked out of the shadows, his globalist-elitist agenda has never been clearer.  He wishes to undermine the democratic wishes of this country, which has overwhelmingly said we would like to leave the European Union, right now.

Tony Blair has suggested that the hardworking people of this country were too ignorant to properly make a decision to leave the EU, therefore his aim is to reverse our will to leave – this is unacceptable. 

Tony Blair is a globalist-elite, he has created the ‘Tony Blair Institute of Global Change’, which aims to paint a positive view of globalisation.  In reality, his institute is, in part, solely designed to reverse Brexit, and spout out pro-globalist propaganda, in hope that it will have an impact on our decision to leave the EU – this won’t work, we’re not as ignorant as he thinks.

The globalist agenda that Tony Blair signed this country up to via successive European treaties are coming to a halt, because the British people want sovereignty to come back to Britain, and not in the hands of the globalist-elites in Brussels.

Unity speaks for the hardworking people of this country, who have made it clear; we wish to leave the European Union now, and not give them a penny more. Sadly, elite-globalist-toffs, such as Tony Blair, will lurk from the shadows and attempt to derail the Brexit process, we expect nothing less from a Prime Minister known for his compulsive lying.

We must send Tony Blair a message, that he cannot reverse our will, please sign up here to do so. Unity wants to unite the UK as we leave the EU, your support will help us do that, thank you.


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