A time for Unity


The world is in a state of flux, it seems that our elected politicians in the UK are struggling to get on with the day job. All of the while we the people of this country are waiting to have the change delivered that we all so desperately need and decided for when the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union and begin a new and positive partnership with Europe and the rest of the world...

We have seen politicians put party and elitist principle before the will of the people, as well as separatists who seek to destroy the entire fabric of our nation all together. This uncertainty cannot continue and that is why this is a time for Unity.

I am humbled to have been asked to be a spokesperson for this campaign. One that promises to hold the political class to account while bringing everyone together as we embark on our bold and exciting new future outside the European Union. 

The future of the United Kingdom relies on us all working together for a common purpose. If the United Kingdom is left in the hands of the self  interested and the establishment our common ties and bonds will continue to be weakened. Those who wish to weaken our country, will do so by taking advantage of this exciting time for their own political gain, in the form of advocating unwise further devolution and proposals for federalism. 

We at Unity say that as a nation we all must come together as we have done so many times before and deliver a future that is best for the entire country.

I look forward to being with you on this journey to maintain and strengthen our Unity, speak soon. 



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