NHS CRISIS: Thousands march against FAILING NHS

Thousands of people have rallied in support of the NHS as it struggles to cope with patient demand and severe lack of funding.

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The rally was organised by the People's Assembly and Health Campaigns Together.

They said: "It is time this Government stops blaming patients, nurses, doctors, immigrants, flu and the elderly for their shortcomings."

The protesters waved banners saying: "Save our NHS"; "More staff. More Beds. More funds"; and "Kick the Tories out".

It is thought that a lot of left-leaning anti-tory supporting people were mainly taking part in the rally.  This comes as viscous elements of the 'momentum' campaign rage against members of the Tory party, as seen with Rees-Moggs at a University event, where he was attacked by a member of 'Momentum', people were saying it was shocking. 

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