Theresa May is risking WORLD WAR 3!

The march to war in Syria continues. Theresa May appears to be using this to cover up for her woeful handling of the Brexit negotiations and running the Country. Bashar Assad is an evil man but Syria is a civil war and an absolute mess. The overwheming majority of people in the UK do not want us to get involved in another Middle East conflict that will only cause more terrorism and further the refugee crisis. We say do the right thing and stay out of Syria!

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  • Cliff Miller
    commented 2018-04-24 12:24:36 +0100
    What does the west know about Assad? Yes what the media tells us.
    Where is his motive for using gas?
    Answer – Must be to give the west the escuse to take the country.
    Thats the motive the question is who fits the bill america uk.france ??
    Yes the bombers!
  • Jean Hansford
    commented 2018-04-19 22:16:41 +0100
    Keep out of …. don’t be another that makes mistakes on matters like this … it’s all propaganda. Kids are taught to fake attacks …. concentrate on brevity