A Letter To Theresa May


Unity has sent a simple request to Theresa May: Get us OUT of the EU now, and don’t give them a penny more!

It is vital that we send a message to Downing Street; that the British people will not be fooled, we want out of the EU now, without sending the elites billions of the British taxpayers’ money. If you agree, sign up here

Sadly, it seems that Theresa May and her Remainer colleagues are caving into the demands of the EU-elites.  Unity will stand up for the hardworking people of this country, who are being betrayed.

We hope that our letter to Theresa May is heard loud and clear; the British people have spoken, we want to leave the EU now, no ifs, not buts.

Please sign up to us by clicking here  - let’s send the politicians a message. 

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