The Yellow Vests are coming!

Peaceful & Respectful protests are what makes us British. The Yellow Vest is now a global symbol of the silent majority of decent hard- working people across the world. It is so important that whatever we do remain courteous, respectful and dignified at all times. We are the silent majority who have had enough.

On Saturday the 19th of January we are arranging this so that everyone across Britain can play their part by turning the internet Yellow!

Everyone is encouraged to put on a yellow vest and change their profile pictures on Facebook and share across social media such as Twitter & Instagram using the #YellowVestsUK to get it Trending.

We encourage families to get involved and take your pictures wherever you are and send them to us on [email protected] you don't even need to leave your house to take part and we even welcome solidarity from all over the world!

So who can take part? Anyone who shares our values of openness and tolerance but is sick and tired of the Government and its betrayal of the British People. We believe in Brexit and building a better for future for all the people of this country. We believe in controlling our borders and the rule of law. We believe in properly funding our public services and making work pay. This is what the silent majority believe and we all stand together in Unity.


This will be an act of nationwide solidarity with more to follow. There have been other demos and we recognise that others will be organised and we encourage grassroots groups and areas to take up the mantle. The Yellow Vest movement has no leaders or organisations running it. We just want to help play our part and ensure that things stay calm in the face of establishment hostility and aggression.

Keep liking/ sharing and commenting to spread the word! You can buy a Yellow vest at any DIY store and we are also selling a range of branded vests with British & Home Nations flags on them. Any surplus left over goes towards helping our campaign. 

You can visit our online shop with free & quick delivery by Clicking Here Now


"Non- Violence is a powerful and just weapon which cuts without wounding... It is a sword that heals!" Dr Martin Luther King

UK Unity is entirely opposed to any hate speech, violence or harassment and we firmly believe in the rule of law.

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