The Tories and Labour are SMASHED at the Ballot Box!

If you woke up this morning and turned on the news you would be greeted with the howls of how well the Lib Dems have done in the Council Elections and it being a pro-remain vote. The reality, as ever, is very different with Lib Dems barely mentioning Brexit in their leaflets and focusing very much on local issues and campaigning hard. The Lib Dems are always very good at that.

However on a far more positive note both the Tories and Labour have taken an absolute pasting. The Tories in Middle England and the South with Labour taking a hammering in their former Northern heartlands. The Tories could be down around 800 seats by the end of today with Labour down around 100 which for an opposition party of 9 years is terrible. The other big story of the night was the amount of spoilt ballot papers with up to 800 in Basildon alone, once the nationwide figure comes out it will be a large percentage.

Thanks again to everyone who has chipped in so far to the crowdfund for our posters, leaflets and social media adverts, we need to keep up the pressure leading to the EU elections on the 23rd of May.

In the meantime you may have seen that Facebook has banned a number of high profile figures in the USA such as Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer. The reality is on Facebook you can't say anything, machine learning algorithms are stopping most conversation with people being banned for the most ridiculous of reasons. We are working on something and will keep you posted so remember and sign up below for updates!

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