The Mainstream Media in this country is BIASED & CORRUPT!


Did you manage to catch the furore surrounding the Covington School Boys in the USA? When I first saw it a friend called me and asked what I thought. I said the visuals of it didn't look great from what was shown but I am not sure until I know the full story. Alas the MSM in the USA such as CNN, NBC, WaPo and others all jumped in immediately pushing an agenda and as a result young teenage boys on a day out to Washington received death threats and disgraceful attacks on them.

Similarly in the UK we had the furore over the 'Soubry is a Nazi' chants that was blown completely out of proportion and again saw members of the public targeted by the full might of the MSM machine.

I have recently been interviewed by both The Times and also The Guardian about the rapid growth of Unity News Network and during that I said that as an organisation we only discuss and challenge public figures who put themselves out there, not everyday people who the MSM decide more and more to go after. I said that we exist because people are disgusted at the way the mainstream media portray's itself as impartial when it is anything but and that our readers and viewers value our content and the fact that we engage with you.

I proudly confirmed that we are a pro-Brexit site and do not hide the fact that we believe this country needs radical change from it's current direction. I also reminded the journalists that this isn't a niche view but rather one shared by the vast majority of people in the UK! I also stated that ll

So moving forward we are now in a position to move to Stage 2 for Unity News Network. We are going to upgrade our website to allow Radio Broadcasts & YouTube live-streaming as well as a full transfer over to Accelerated Mobile Pages (the fastest load speeds on the Internet) . We are also going to use Vimeo which will allow us to simultaneously live stream across all our social media channels.

We are in the process of getting a fully functional studio also in place that will allow us to do news bulletins as well as interviews, radio broadcasts, talk shows, live phone ins and much more. I hope you agree with me that there is certainly an appetite for this.

Of course this will require a significant injection of fresh capital and one route we do not want to go down is getting corporate investors involved as this would ruin our integrity. Therefore what I will be doing is taking on substantial business borrowings myself because I fundamentally believe that we need alternative voices that actually listen and care about what the people think. We will also be asking those who value and appreciate our work to also contribute.

We also have our online shop and donations page as well as looking to launch a subscription model and other streams of revenue in the future.

One thing I will not do is put anything behind a Pay-Wall or give specialised content to those that do support us financially. Morally I think we have a shared duty to ensure that as many people as possible have access to news that they care about.

I will be in touch again soon and we will be asking for your support and if you can help us it would be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime if you have any further questions then please let me know.

Kind Regards,

David Clews
Founding Director

UK Unity & Unity News Network (UNN)


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