The Brexit vote is SPLIT but we must say NO to the Lib, Lab, CON!

Further to my numerous emails and articles written I think the chances of The Brexit Party and UKIP working together in any constructive way, shape or form to maximise the Brexit vote at coming elections is now ZERO. The comments from both Mr Batten and Mr Farage today about one another in my opinion were counter-productive. I have a number of personal thoughts on what is going on but I will not let them cloud my judgement. I will present to you two partisan arguments (which are not official positions of UK Unity) and then our final assessment of the best way forward.

A Positive Review-

The Brexit Party launch today was extremely slick and well managed, the setting was bang on as was the imagery. The candidates who spoke were very human and as ever Farage showed he is a fearsome political operator and communicator with a substantial social media portfolio to utilise. They will continue to gain the majority of the mainstream media coverage and in my opinion will comfortable poll ahead of UKIP in the Euro Elections, whether they will win or not is debatable but Mr Farage certainly felt confident enough to place a bet on it! They will be extremely well funded and appeal very much to disgruntled Conservative voters and UKIP stalwarts from the coastal areas (where it first came to prominence) and even potentially tapping into Labour brexiteers.

Farage said this is not just a party for these elections but for so much more that will appeal not only ex- Conservatives but also the 5 million Labour voters who voted leave. He also intimated that he has spoken extensively with President Trump. Farage said he was forced to leave UKIP over their obsession with Islam and the Brexit Party would not be 'intolerant of intolerance' and not allow 'thuggish' elements with criminal records to get involved in it like UKIP has. He also said they were confronted by these 'thuggish' elements at the Leave Means Leave rally. The Brexit Party offers a clean slate, an untarnished brand and something new to voters.



A Negative Review-

After walking out on UKIP numerous times and downing tools after the EU Referendum privately educated stock broker Nigel Farage once again set out his stall as 'the man of the people' to a crowd of mostly elderly business owning embittered Tories who cannot understand what has happened to their once great party.

A series of multi-millionaire business owners as well as Annunziata Rees-Mogg declared themselves as candidates of the people around a personality cult of Faragism. The tweed and stuffy clothing was out in force as well as the misguided notion that 'business people' make better politicians. Farage launched into a mainstream media endorsed attack of both UKIP and the 'Far-Right' of which he was accused of being a fully fledged member for many years. Farage has been investigated numerous times over expenses claims as well as being accused of milking the very system he rails against. Whilst this party will appeal to seaside Tories and ex-kippers the very notion that it could appeal to Labour areas on what will be policies of free trade and raw economic conservatism is absolutely ridiculous. It has already lost it's initial leader and Treasurer and you can be sure the MSM will be digging for plenty more skeletons.

So where do I and UK Unity stand on this? Well firstly we are extremely disappointed that our attempt to ensure a united Brexit voting front has been ignored and we feel this is to the detriment of the 17.4 million voters who are crying out for something new and different.

However, as a totally non-party grassroots movement for change we will continue to pursue our ethos rigorously but we wish both The Brexit Party & UKIP well in the Council then Euro Elections and anything that can be done to diminish the Lib/Lab/Con dominance is welcome. So to confirm we will back no parties or individual candidates nor will Unity News Network our media arm.

At both the Council Elections and the EU Elections we will be launching a clever ANYONE but Lib/Lab/Con campaign with leaflets and targeted adverts on social media and we will be asking for your support on this. If you want to chip in now you can do so on

Any questions, thoughts or feedback then please let us know on [email protected]

Kind Regards,

The Unity Team

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  • Linda Ross
    commented 2019-04-13 12:46:25 +0100
    Ukip and The Brexit Party appeal to very different Leave voters. I am concerned that Nigel has been given such a high profile on MSM. I can only ask why?
    Ukip needed a high profile character. I believe Tommy Robinson asked to represent Ukip in the EU elections. Why have the NEC not tested his appeal by asking members what they feel. Tommy has a huge fan base even here in Scotland . He appeals to ordinary working class voters ie Labour supporters. I feel Ukip have missed a great opportunity.