Syrian Refugee posts video saying this is what happens to women when they Disobey. SICK!

A Syrian man who fled to Germany along with his family went on Facebook Live just moments after murdering his wife in front of his young son.  The killer who calls himself Abu Marwa and is aged 41 reportedly stabbed his 37-year-old wife four or five times in the neck before running away with one of their children.

In the disturbing video, he can be seen with blood on his face and a cut on his hand as he rants out of breath into the camera. He said that he murdered his wife as “she wanted to marry another Lebanese man after divorcing him,” reports in the German Media have confirmed.

Marwan thundered that this was: “a message to all women who angered their husbands if you behave like that this is how you’ll end.” He then went on to urge everyone who viewed the video to share it. The murder was reported by his young daughter and he is now on trial.

Angela Merkel of course allowed millions of undocumented Syrian "refugees" into Germany but in a show of defiance she has vowed to carry on with this programme as she has cobbled together a coalition to allow her to be the Chancellor for the foreseeable future.

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