VIDEO: Rees-Mogg caught in STUDENT BRAWL at a debate!

Video shows chaotic scenes at a student event where Jacob Rees-Mogg was speaking last night.mogg1.jpgRees-Mogg was there to address the Politics and International Relations Society at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

Unfortunately things got out of hand quickly as a masked protester lunged himself into the crowds to confront Mogg.  He is met with angry attendees and is manhandled out of the area. 

The masked-man, though to be a student, is heard shouting towards Mogg and others.  It is thought the man is part of 'Momentum', the left-wing lunatic portion of the Labour party that supports Jeremy Corbyn.

The protester got face-to-face with Mogg, and it turned violent.  Many are saying it is disgraceful and shows shame on our democracy. 

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