Street Demos a MASSIVE success despite political pressure and SINISTER Antifa threats!

When UK Unity organised these events we did so out of anger at the way our vote to leave the EU was being betrayed by the Tory Government led by Theresa May. So many people wanted to give a message that we need to walk away now and pay the EU nothing! As part of our fightback we arranged demos in London, Norwich, Cardiff, Coventry & Leeds. London was extremely well attended and was a joyful day where for a while we took control of the streets around Trafalgar Square with not a Policeman in site!

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Unfortunately our volunteers and supporters faced considerable hostility from low grade politicians and the intolerant cultural left who decided that our message of ending 'mass immigration' must mean that we are fascists! See below please and we have informed this poorly informed politicians that if they do not apologise immediately they will face legal action.




Women and children Brexit supporters were faced with chants of 'Nazi Scum off our street's' while MP Clive Lewis attended with them. Is he the MP for all of Norwich or just the militant left wing element of it? Likewise in Cardiff, Coventry & Leeds our supporters faced considerable aggression from insurgent elements but handled themselves impeccably and credit goes to everyone of them who went out. This is only the beginning and we will be back!

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