Stephen Kinnock protests against First Past the Post voting system

On the day that people across the UK celebrated 100 years of getting the vote one well known Labour MP decided to take a stand for a different reason and he has been widely mocked for his one day "Hunger Strike".

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Kinnock decided to do this to protest against what he sees as the unfair voting system in this country known as First Past the Past. Some commentators were quick to observe that Kinnock is under pressure due to a boundary review in which his seat is set to disappear.

Kinnock is of course the son of former Labour Leader Neil Kinnock who failed twice to win election and was seen in 1992 to have personally cost the Labour Party a win which was easily achievable.

The Kinnock Family are well known supporters of the EU with Neil and his wife having well paid for roles in the EU and Stephen Kinnock married to a Danish Politician.

Amongst many women and Labour Party colleagues there was consternation on the day with what they saw as another example of the self indulgent and self serving nature of the Kinnock dynasty.

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