Small Irish Town votes on Asylum Seekers- Results are Incredible!

Lisdoonvarna is a sleepy Irish town in County Clare, recently there has been uproar however on Government plans to relocate 115 Asylum Seekers there. The town itself has a population of only 300 people and the plan was to relocate them to the Spa Hotel called the King Thomond Hotel.

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A secret ballot was held amongst local residents as to whether they should take them and the result was overwhelming. 197 people voted against them coming to the hotel and only 15 in favour! They now hope hotel owner Marcus White will respect the decision.

Lisdoonvarna Council Chair Paddy Dunne said: “I hope Marcus will listen now and reconsider. We really appreciate everything he does for the village bringing in tourists but it is too much for the community to handle."

“It is not a question that we don’t want these people. People in the village will be welcoming to a lesser number, but not 115. It is not about the asylum seekers coming, it is about the way in which the Government has conducted this, having no consultation and no facilities in place."

The Irish Government still plans to go ahead with the relocation against the wishes of the people. They want to increase the current population of the Republic of Ireland from 4.7 million by adding over 1 million immigrants. At a recent conference called Irexit many spoke of their envy at the UK becoming a sovereign nation again and are angered by the current Government and its love affair with the EU. This could be seen as another example of an EU country and its continued ignorance of peoples views.

Do you agree we need out of the EU straight away?

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