Sickola Sturgeon - Sod Off!


Nicola Sturgeon is attempting to use her power as First Minister of the devolved assembly in Edinburgh, to derail our exit from the European Union. 

Nicola Sturgeon and her separatist colleagues seem to forget that more people in Scotland voted to leave the EU, than voted for her to be First Minister.  It’s also fact that without the ‘Leave’ votes of Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland we would not be exiting the EU.

The decision for us to leave the EU was one that was made as a unified Kingdom.  Nicola Sturgeon does not argue that Glasgow should leave the United Kingdom because it voted ‘Yes’ in the separatists’ referendum of 2014, therefore the same argument applies to Scotland; it voted as part of the UK, and the UK’s decision was to leave the EU, so it must be respected.

Nicola Sturgeon is adamant, she would rather see United Kingdom fall apart, than see us leave the EU.  It is dangerous to have a separatist involved in any EU negotiations, as their aim is to simply undermine our country, at any point in time.

Nicola Sturgeon flew to Brussels straight after we voted to leave the EU, this was done to undermine the UK’s decision to leave, her colluding with the EU elites had started before the results were fully acknowledged at home, shocking to say the least – but we expect nothing less from a separatist.

Unity wants to see a united UK, as we leave the EU – that’s why it is so important to sign up to us, in order to spread our message; that we won’t allow European elites and remain politicians like Sturgeon, to betray the will of the country, which is to leave the EU.

Nicola Sturgeon likes to position herself as an ‘Anti-Establishment’ type, which is false.  Sturgeon loves the EU-elites; her party would rather we be ruled by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats than elected politicians within the United Kingdom.

Unity will ensure that the hardworking people of this country are heard, loud and clear; we want to leave the EU, and not pay a penny more to the EU.

Please share our content and sign uplet’s Unite the UK, and leave the EU. 

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