Sick of BBC and Mainstream Media Bias? You are not alone!

On BBC Radio 4 Today Programme we were again blessed with the presence of Lord Michael Heseltine a man who hasn't been elected in over a quarter of a century. They also had Tony Blair on this week and also John Major spouting their contempt for democracy. The recent poll released by YouGov confirms below what we are all thinking:

Studies have proven that Question time has a 4-1 majority over the year in favour of Brexit and likewise the Today Programme, Newsnight, Laura Kuennsberg, Andrew Marr et al have remain bias pouring from their mouths everyday.

We the taxpayer pay for it and are frankly sick of their bias. We ask for a return to the decent old fashioned honest journalism the BBC used to stand for or the Licence Fee should be abolished. Sign up Here Now if you agree!

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