SHOCK: UK-bound migrants SHOT by Police at Calais Jungle area!

Teenage Calais migrants heading for the United Kingdom are in a serious condition after being shot at by Police in France.  

Image result for calais jungle fighting

The migrants were in a brawl with authorities when police shot at them, severely injuring them in the process. 

The Calais area is notorious for migrants attempting to get to the UK by any means possible.

It is thought that the migrants pass over many European countries to get to the UK, which raises questions on whether or not they are able to receive 'refugee' status within the United Kingdom when they arrive.  

Many of the migrants are caught up in BRAWLS with the police on a daily basis, raising questions over security at Calais. 

It is thought that migrants coming to UK may be linked to ISIS, which is a serious cause of concern.

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