SHOCK new evidence of BBC Brexit bias uncovered

Well known Brexit supporting LBC talk show host Iain Dale has revealed the lengths that the BBC will go to in order to push the remain narrative. He has said that in a debate the BBC wanted him to go up against three Remainers in a panel discussion on the February 22 edition of Newsnight. Dale then asked for 50 per cent of the screen time in order to give himself an equal chance the BBC responded that it would be “unfair”.

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Dale explained: “I was invited onto a BBC programme a few weeks ago and it was going to be me versus three Remainers and this was on the evening of the Chequers exchange. So I said ‘well okay if you give me 50 per cent of the air time and you give them 50 between them, I might consider it’ and they said ‘oh no we couldn’t do that because it would be unfair’."


Dale also elaborated on the idea that those in power are trying to thwart the democratic vote to leave the EU: “I don’t believe there is a conspiracy but I do think there is a concerted effort on the part of the ‘establishment’ to scupper Brexit. By the establishment, I don’t just mean the civil service, but I also mean the media and there will be people that laugh when I say the media is bias against Remain, but they are. I mean the BBC is the biggest part of the media and if you look on any panel show you very rarely get an equality of Remainers and leavers, you certainly never get a majority of leavers, but you more often than not get a majority of Remainers.”

More and more people are turning off the BBC as they grow tired of its anti-Brexit news coverage and also its overall agenda in pushing politically correct stories that are out of tune with the majority of hard-working people across the UK.

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