Sharia law already happening up and down the UK, Government review finds

In a smoking gun review into the implementation of Sharia law in the UK it has been exposed that the Government has no idea exactly how many Sharia Councils are operating up and down the country and that many Sharia laws are being implemented.

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The report has been heavily criticised for its proposal that elements of Sharia Law should be implemented now into British law but it has been noticeable on the level of silence from woman's rights groups and also Gay rights groups.

Some of the examples found of what was going on in the existing Councils is as follows:

  • inappropriate and unnecessary questioning in regards to personal relationship matters
  • a forced marriage victim was asked to attend the sharia council at the same time as her family
  • insistence on any form of mediation as a necessary preliminary
  • women being invited to make concessions to their husbands in order to secure a divorce (men are never asked to make these concessions). For example in khula agreements, husbands may demand excessive financial concessions from the wife
  • lengthy process so that while divorces are very rarely refused they can be drawn out

The Government has indicated it has no current plans to implement Sharia Law but many have argued that with demographic changes it is only a matter of time before elements of it are implemented into UK law.

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