The Appeasement of Separatists Must End


Ever since the start of devolution in 1999 politicians from all the main political parties have gone out of their way to try to appease the SNP by promises of more power. There has been a relentless power grab over the last 18 years which all too often has not only been allowed by pro UK parties but encouraged and celebrated by them.  From the Calman Commission to the Smith Commission, the constant assault on our UK Parliament has undermined the integrity of the United Kingdom and empowered the separatists.

Now with Brexit all the political class are again falling into the same trap of appeasement. They believe that we should transfer many of the powers returned to the UK from Brussels straight to the devolved administrations rather than to Westminster where those powers could be used to strengthen the United Kingdom. If the parties all once believed there was justification for those powers being handled at an EU level, surely those powers should now be handled at a UK level rather than a regional one, to avoid divergence? Why is the maintenance of the EU Single Market so important to some people, but splitting up the UK Internal Market is not seen as a problem?

Even that is not enough for the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats who currently recklessly advocate federalism which would make the UK more like a European Union than an actual sovereign country. Despite all of the harm that has been done and the risks to the future caused by the latest dangerous proposals, there has been no voice for those who are worried about the direction of travel the country is on and want us to change course.

I hope that UK Unity will be prepared to stand up to the separatists in Scotland and in other parts of the United Kingdom and make sure that the politicians are not just allowed to continue to make the same mistakes they have been making for decades. Brexit offers the country a chance of national renewal, now is the time for us to ensure that steps are taken to bind all parts of the United Kingdom together and to weaken the forces of separatism who seek to divide us.

From Kevin, Guest Blogger, Edinburgh. 

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    The Glasgow based, A Force For Good, has certainly been a voice against separatist appeasement and against appeasing devolution that does not strengthen, or is not balanced with strengthening, the United Kingdom. See our position on Britain being a unitary state, and on devo, in “One UK: The British Union from 30 First Principles” at our website. We wish Unity well in the common cause.
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    Not a prayer are staying in the EU shame on your country you know what you Did!
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