Scottish SNP supporters try to ban Union Jack.... From biscuit tins!

Scottish separatists, who support Nicola Sturgeon's SNP, have launched a campaign against Walkers Shortbread. Walker's is a company based up in Moray in the North East of Scotland and is an international exporter but they have risked the wrath of these so called "CyberNats."

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Alison Brown, from Dundee, shared the post on her timeline on Monday which has gone viral with over 1000 shares in less than a day. The post states: “It breaks my heart! This is how Walkers are marketing our famous Scottish shortbread in Germany! Our hard won Scottish branding is being systematically destroyed! For what? To protect their Union! I feel so sad and angry.”

Angry Nationalists have started to complain about the branding on Walkers’ Facebook page with one called Craig Dunnan posting: “Every year l spend £30-£40 on Scottish shortbread for friends abroad. Now our shortbread is having the Union flag imposed and emblazoned on it. Stuff your shortbread Walkers plenty of other manufacturers to buy from. Scottish products - Scottish flag.” However, since Brown’s first post, she since said her friend informed her the firm was set to return to the Saltire after admitting a “terrible marketing faux pas”.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The Walker family would like to clarify that the Union Jack Keepsake tin is one of many tins currently available, each of which is designed to celebrate an array of places and events and includes the launch of the Love Scotland Keepsake range at the start of the year. “We strive continuously to offer a wide range of products to suit our global customer base.”

UK Unity Opinion- If you are ashamed of our Union Flag then you can get stuffed. 2 million Scottish people voted to stay part of the UK in 2014 and we should fly our flag with pride! Click Here if you agree

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