Save Stroud & Save Rural England!

According to the respected think-tank Migration Watch UK: "Our central concern is the current massive level of immigration which, if allowed to continue, would mean that the population of the UK would increase by 10 million in 25 years, 82% of it due to future migrants and their children. Migration is, of course, a natural part of an open economy and society but it must be sustainable and must have the assent of the British public - yet many in the media and political class have long dismissed widespread public concern and the strong view of a clear majority that the current level of net migration of around a quarter of a million a year must be significantly reduced."

Stroud District council alone wants to build a staggering build of 12,800 plus more which they may have planned in there sleeves. This is not just about Stroud constituency this is happening all over the country up and down which is why me and David discussed the problems and our concerns for our great country and the character of our nation!

We hope you can help and support us by simply signing that’s all we ask if you can share with friends and family even better or if you can pay to promote on Facebook and Instagram all would be appreciated and you would be proud when we finally take control over the situation and protect our environment.

Nearly all hedgehogs are fastly disappearing at a rapid pace this is alarming. Our wildlife are disappearing and unprotected any more they have no home to go to.

Think this way you have a house, car and money. Imagine coming home and nothing was there and it’s all gone. The question I’m asking you is how would you feel? The answer would be you feel angry and disappointed that your home has been taken away from you and the environment. Yet this is what happening to animals and they are feeling the same way at the moment. We are making a hostile environment which is wrong!

This mass destruction hasn’t just affected the countryside or habitats it’s also affected us the young generations and old who used to or can’t play in the woods or on farms no more as there are simply none left: I don’t know how nobody could be moved by this.

According, to recent studies nearly over 50% of our countryside are disappearing and why the reason behind is the council are greedy and so are the developers.

MP’s also no longer represents the people as have emailed David Drew for Stroud who is Shadow Minister for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. So, if he is a shadow minister for the environment and food and rural affairs surely he knows way better about the environment than anyone and a supposed to be campaigner for the countryside yet when I’ve emailed him all I simply get is I agree or a paragraph which is totally unhelpful.

This is shocking that no authority are alarmed by the scale of our disappearing farms. Maybe, it be too late to act!

All we are asking is could you please sign our petition that’s all and share we’re not asking for a lot we just need your help in order to achieve change. We cannot let this regime continue to destroy our generations just remember when you were kids playing in fields and now it’s being taken away from us everyday. This is close to my heart for many reasons as love going for bike rides and long walks around the lanes and farm yards but it’s all going everywhere you turn to the places you once love to get some quiet are going!

My name is Lee Sibley and I am a pro-Brexit activist who lives in the beautiful village of Stroud in Gloucestershire. My village could be anywhere in England. It is full of good local people and has all the values that forms the backbone of our nation. Sadly our council wants to ruin this by selling land for the building a staggering 12,000 homes destroying our village. Now it's Stroud but soon it will be everywhere. We simply don't have enough homes for all these people coming to Britain. We need to look after our own people. I am asking you to sign this petition we will submit to Stroud Council and also the Prime Minister. If you want England to remain a green and pleasant land then please sign NOW! Lee

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