DISGUSTING- Sadiq Khan slashes money for police to fund GREEN PROJECTS!

The Mayor of London is set to spend £34 million on new solar and renewable energy projects which could have been used to fund up to 1000 new police officers and the people of London are in uproar.

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Khan is increasingly been seen as a highly divisive mayor with his opposition to Brexit and wishing to see protests against US President Donald Trump which goes against the wishes of the majority of people in the UK.

Knife crime and Acid attacks continue to rock the London capital and it was felt that instead of investing in renewable energy projects it may have been a better use of the money to support the under pressure Metropolitan Police Force.

London is now considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world and there appears to be no sign of this changing anytime soon. 

A member of the London Assembly commented "Mayor Khan has prioritised Green projects over the safety of the people of London. He is burying his head in the sand and things are only going to get worse." 

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