Russian Spy in Chemical Attack in SALISBURY!

A  Russian double agent and his daughter who is in her 30s are in a critical condition this morning after what appears to be a chemical attack on them. Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter were found near lifeless on a seat inside the Maltings shopping centre on Sunday afternoon. A cordon was put in place around the scene and bio-weapons experts attended the scene.

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Skripal was jailed in 2006 in Russia after being jailed as MI6 informant since the 1990's. He was freed in 2010 in a prisoner swap that involved a Russian spy ring in the USA and had been living quietly in Salisbury under his own name. Another 10 people have apparently been injured in the attack.

The case has massive similarities to the polonium poisoning in 2006 of Alexander Litvinenenko, whose death was officially blamed on Russian agents by the British Government. With a Russian Presidential Election coming up it appears that Putin and his inner circle are again flexing their muscles.

From a British Perspective questions are being asked as to how foreign agents are roaming freely on the streets of the UK with access to Chemical Weapons? Questions continue to be asked of the efficiency of our Spy's after accusations they are more concerned with Political Correctness than catching terrorists.

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