Remainiac Rudd promises to take more Syrian "Refugees"

The Home Secretary has last week been jetting around the globe visiting areas of interest to her. This comes as Acid Attacks, Rape, Moped Gangs and the threat of Terrorism continues to rocket in her own backyard. Amber Rudd is well known along with Chancellor Philip Hammond as employing a remain at all cost mentality to Brexit negotiations.

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Rudd will outrage the UK public further after her recent trip to Lebanon where she personally decided that the UK will DOUBLE its number of Syrians to be housed and given substantial benefits in the UK. This comes as Police numbers continue to be cut as well as the Armed Forces whilst it is impossible to check whether those coming here have not been trained as Jihadis.


Rudd said emotionally: "Doubling the number is definitely achievable by 2020, and I hope that we may get there earlier than that in fact. At the moment I am consulting with stakeholders and really engaging with other departments to decide what we should have to replace that when we go forward after 2020.”

Rudd was speaking at a refugee camp in the Middle Eastern country which Syrian refugees have fled to. She met with a few of the 46 families in an informal tented settlement in Qab Elias, a Lebanese town about 15 miles from the Syrian border.

Is this right when homeless veterans still sleep on the streets?

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