Remainers more like remoaners.

 Remainer as you may know have been well known for being called remoaners. They are as you could say snowflakes as we had once in a generation vote which they were outdone 52% to 48% and so they lost and will continue to do so. It’s been around 21/2 years as the referendum was done in 2016 yet we haven’t moved far this is because the remoaners are offended as you can say that we don’t want to be controlled by a beaumacracy and want more control over our borders,NHS, education and more departments. We give so much to Brussels like £350 million pounds. This money is being wasted it’s funny you can go to your local town yet the infrastructure isn’t up to standard plus the state of the towns and cities.

the best thing out politicians and remoaners can do it to accept the outcome and if they want a future for their kids this is the only option on table is no deal. Just with any referendum there were simply no lies on the ballot paper it stated the question rather fairly and have the people their democracy and to get the results they thought be necessary on our relationship with Brussels. Electorates voted overwhelmingly out.

As we clearly know no real politicians want to see brexit through as they are too politically correct. And in fact where Mrs May and Corby keeps airing the possibility of no deal they are causing disruption and dividing our nation.

The Benefits of leaving European Union:

* More control over borders.

* £350 million can go into departments such as education.

* free trade with America and other powerful countries.

* get our sovereignty back so we are in charge and hold our elected representatives to account.

the list goes on but I keep it short for you great readers.

As, you can see above is Remainer Richard Graham who backs Theresa May deal. Well I have emailed him on a numerous issues regarding the countryside and Homework yet he doesn’t want to support my campaign. But they are alright to say what they think. The young people who are mostly the vast majority of those who don’t turn out to vote is a simple reason they are not listened nor taken seriously.

for example, I emailed David Drew MP for Stroud who is my Labour MP regarding once again the same as above. All o got was a response with one sentence yet these are the very people who has a lot of influence over our economy and doing more bad than good. As you may know he is food and rural affairs and so he should be interested to save the very land we have left it’s important for future generations. For the homework one I got a reply saying the following “

Dear Lee
Thanks for the address - I have to ask for an address as MPs by convention can only correspond with their own constituents.
On the issue I have to disagree with you.  Homework is an essential part of studying.  I’ve always undertaken it - indeed I’m still studying for a course and so do homework.  However homework should be commensurate with course requirements and not excessive and certainly made as enjoyable as possible.
Yours sincerely 
David Drew MP”
yet this is the very person who should be representing me and not going on about what he does. They should be supportive of young people getting involved politically. Not ignoring them like there say doesn’t matter. It’s so absurd that he has only write on sentence maybe two while I write pages!
I also got other people to message from Twitter as you know he said the very same.
then I decided to take to Twitter to directly ask David he did answer but not much while other labour accounts were sticking up for him. Stroud what a coincidence bet he changed twitter accounts. “Loneliness is a serious issue. It becomes no-one to try and hijack it for other purposes, however important you believe them to be. Maybe check out the role of MP’s as representatives. IT does not mean they have to support every campaign” wait there aren’t you supposed to go to your MP on issues you care about which they take them to parliament based on their constituents. No matter who voted for them. Shows the biased correctness. 
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