REMAIN FANATICS set up new political party with the help of the FRENCH!

Friends and associates of French President Emmanuel Macron have assisted in the establishment of a new political party called "Renew". Head of Communications Sandra Khadouri said bluntly at the launch "We need to reverse Brexit"

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The aim is to follow the model of Macron who established the new party "En Marche" which gave him a springboard to then go on and win the France Presidency. Chris Coughlan, Oliver King and James Torrance are behind the party and are very well known within establishment Remain circles.

The slogan of the party is “People from outside politics to renew Britain’s hope”. They have three main aims which are “renew our economy, reduce inequality and reverse Brexit” .

They boldly go on to say: “We will put pressure on all politicians by standing parliamentary candidates in every constituency in the UK.”

It is uncertain where the funding is coming from but it certainly looks as if significant funding is already in place. Tony Blair has intimated that he may consider returning to politics with a new political party and there are rumours swirling around Westminster that he may be pulling the strings.

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