Remain fanatics Anna Soubry & Chuku Umunna in new Brexit SCANDAL

UK Unity Opinion- Quite the love in now appears to be taking place between Anna Soubry and Chukku Umunna and frankly we here at UK Unity are looking for the nearest Sick Bag. Soubry and Umunna are the co- chairs of the All Party Parliamentary Group on European Relations and they have co-authored an opinion piece going out tonight in George Osborne's Evening Standard.

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Around 1 million of these free papers will be handed out tonight across Remain dominated Metropolitan London to rally the latte drinkers out of their slumber to oppose Brexit. For those of a nervous disposition they may not want to read any further as we will now go on to highlight some of their comments: 

"We reside in different political parties and rarely inhabit the same voting lobby in the House of Commons but on Brexit we are as one. An issue that continues to divide our country also forges new alliances and a determination to put the interests of the country over and beyond traditional tribal politics and party loyalty. It is frustrating to be urged on in private by ministers and those who should know better in the dark corners of Westminster’s long corridors, muttering “well done — keep on going”, without this being matched by public action." What this shows is what we all fear the most in that secretly there are huge numbers of MP's who will come out in the future to try and block Brexit when they sense the opportune moment.

They then go on to say: "Given a free vote, we believe our colleagues would support Britain staying in both the single market and customs union — not just because that is what they believe in but because their constituents are desperate for an outcome that secures the economic future of their children and grandchildren.We also believe that if we don’t get this right there will be profound adverse consequences not just for our economy and place in the world but also on the way we do politics in Britain." This basically means that Parliament could and would stop Brexit.

They could conclude pathetically by saying smarmily: "History will not be kind to those who led us into the referendum on the EU — and that includes us given we voted for the legislation as MPs. It will chide those who have led us since the vote for Brexit for their failure to build a consensus on how best to make it happen. And it will condemn those who stand by and say nothing. But the biggest condemnation will come from voters and especially the generation that will bear the cost of Brexit more than any other — the young. They will declare a plague on both of our parties. History will not be kind to those who led us into the referendum on the EU — and that includes us given we voted for the legislation as MPs."

UK Unity cannot condemn these two MP's strongly enough. They are an absolute disgrace going against the will of the British People. If they and the establishment elites such as George Soros, Tony Blair and Gina Miller do get their way and force us into a second referendum or block Brexit altogether, through Parliament, they will produce a whirlwind of anger amongst the decent hardworking people of the UK. We will not sit idly back and let them ignore the democratic wishes of the British People.

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  • David Clews
    commented 2018-03-13 16:48:55 +0000
    Totally agree James