RAF jets scrambled to intercept RUSSIAN BOMBERS heading to BRITAIN

The RAFs quick reaction alert (QRA) aircraft beamed up to the skies to take on the two Tupolev TU-160 Blackjack Russian bombers as they headed to within less than 50 miles of the UK last month. 

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Two of the United Kingdom's Eurofighter Typhoons escorted the Russian aircraft away from UK airspace.  The Ministry of Defence (MoD) stated; "at no point" did the Russian bombers enter British sovereign airspace, though are thought to be in a UK area of interest.

A RAF Spokesperson told the Telegraph: "We can confirm that Quick Reaction Alert (QRA)Typhoon aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth scrambled to monitor two Blackjack bombers approaching the UK area of interest.  The Russian aircraft were initially monitored by a variety of friendly nation fighters and subsequently intercepted by the RAF in the North Sea.  At no point did the Russian aircraft enter sovereign UK airspace."

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