Police in Sadiq Khan's London issued with new gear for Acid attacks used in WARZONES!

London has now been universally regarded as a Global Capital for acid attacks and in a shocking turn of events Police are now being issued with equipment more commonly used on the battlefields to help out victims

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The "bottleshower" was created by British designer Tim Jeffrey (pictured above) and has been mostly used in the middle east and refugee camps to help treat acid attack victims by turning the bottle into a shower-head that can be used for minutes rather than just pouring out as usual.

739 Acid Attacks for 2017 up to November were recorded which is an increase of 186 per cent on the year prior.

There are parts of London considered by many to be "no go areas" but the Mayor of London appears to be focussed on more pressing concerns such as protesting the visit of President Trump and setting up online hate investigation teams within the met.

Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Kearton who is an expert on Acid Attacks said: “The UK now has one of the highest rates of recorded acid and corrosive substance attacks per capita in the world and this number appears to be rising.” 

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