Shock: UK Police warn public not to be 'ISLAMOPHOBIC' on FGM Day

Surrey police posted a tweet in regards to raising awareness of Female Genital Mutilation Day, though they then came back warning people not to to put any anti-Islam tweets on their twitter page. 

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Surrey Police said in their initial tweet: "Tomorrow is International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM. FGM is hugely under-reported and children are often fearful to report a crime committed by their family or community. Find your voice, let girls be girls and help fight against FGM "

Surrey Police then warned that anyone who displays any anti-Muslim tweets, their details will be passed onto their 'intelligence units'.  Many are claiming that the Police are trying to stop criticism towards some aspects of Islam that are deemed barbaric. 

Surrey Police Said: "We're saddened that a few people have taken this post as an opportunity to respond by posting Islamaphobic abuse. Please be aware that such responses are being reported to Twitter and will be passed onto our intelligence teams." 

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