The coming weeks are CRUCIAL for Brexit!


The coming weeks are so important for Brexit! Increasingly we hope that there is a NO DEAL Brexit and that we walk away from the corrupt EU paying them nothing!

However, there are huge obstacles that we have to overcome and we must ensure that on the 11th of December Parliament votes NO to the deal.

Leave Means Leave are demonstrating outside Number 10 everyday from next week and we fully support them on this.

On the 9th of December there is 'The Great Betrayal' March in central London meeting at 11:45 at the Dorchester Hotel and we will bring you LIVE coverage of this on our social media pages.

Unity News will provide you with updates throughout Monday and Tuesday on the day of the vote as well. Watch the YouTube video above from our spokesperson David Clews for a full update.


The UK Unity team will be outside Parliament from 9:00 am on Tuesday the 11th of December demonstrating against the deal so please feel free to come along and join us at any time. We will have banners, leaflets & posters thanks to the support of our members and donors.

The United Nations are sneakily trying to make it illegal to criticise mass immigration and give 'refugees' rights to all our public services. So far brave countries like Australia, Hungary & Australia have said no but it looks like our traitor Globalist leader Theresa May is set to sign up so please sign the petition below against this!


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