Phillip Hammond Wants to Give the EU Billions!


The Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, is demanding that Britain pays out billions more to the European Union.  This comes as the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, says that Britain “must pay out”.

Phillip Hammond was a prominent Remainer during the EU referendum. He now wants us to up the bill, and fork-out billions to fund the pockets of the EU elites, who are currently in charge of every aspect of the European Union.

Phillip Hammond is insisting that Britain must pay a heavy fee for leaving the European Union, thus condemning the British taxpayer to a hefty fine for expressing their democratic right to leave the EU, this is unacceptable.

The United Kingdom has the 5th largest economy in the world.  We were a top contributor to the EU budget for decades, and it is now clear that the EU elite will not let us go without charging us tens of billions; money that could be spent on our NHS, but Hammond wants it to be in the hands of those in Europe.

The British people will not appreciate being deceived by Phillip Hammond, as he so desperately tries to get the best deal for Europe, and the worst one for his own country, the United Kingdom.

Those who voted leave want to see us do so with our heads held high.  Phillip Hammond is smacking us all in the face, while he betrays our country, the United Kingdom.  We must not allow the Remainders of our government to suck-up to the Euro-elites. Phillip Hammond may have a vested interest in getting the best deal for Europe, and not the United Kingdom,

UK unity wants to unite the United Kingdom, as we leave the European Union.  We must put pressure on Phillip Hammond, who clearly wants to use his position of power to undermine the democratic right of those who have expressed their will to leave this undemocratic and shambolic European Union.

Mr Hammond must start putting the interests of the UK first, and not Europe – otherwise the British people will have a lot to say.

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