OUTRAGE as Chancellor announces Billions of pounds of spending!

Chancellor Philip Hammond has used the latest Spring Budget to announce a massive increase in taxpayer spending. Many would have thought with loosening the purse strings he would have used this money to fund our struggling NHS or Armed Forces. Instead this money will be used to rehire thousands of Whitehall Civil Servants!

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Hammond says the cash is needed to allow for “every possible outcome of Brexit”. Around £1.5bn of this money has been set aside for the year after March 2019. Preparations have already cost at least £400m in the current financial year with the full bill estimated to reach well in excess of £2bn by Brexit day in March 2019, according to this new research.

The report by the Institute for Government (IfG) into Whitehall spending claims that after strict controls on departmental budgets says that Hammond is “loosening his purse strings”. Around half of the money will have been spent on staffing government departments, with the think-tank claiming that Brexit has reversed the staff reductions made in the civil service in the years before the EU referendum.

UK Unity Opinion- The last thing this country needs is more London based bureaucrats who want to sabotage the will of the British People. Philip Hammond wants the Civil Service packed full of remainers and he is doing everything he can to stop Brexit including Tax Payers hard earned cash. We say SACK HIM NOW!

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